doin’ the grown-up

There is a pivotal point in every young person’s life in which we are forced to trade our Chuck Taylor high-tops for high heels, leaving the dive bar at sunrise for a 9-5 and embrace the fact that our glory days of day drinking and making irrational decisions in regards to our own life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are gone. 

For some, this transition comes smoothly.  For those that had the sound decision making skills to attend career fairs and have a really great college internship on Obama’s campaign and show up to class not only sober, but with their homework done and hair brushed, can morph from ripped jeans to perfectly pressed business suits like lightning. 

For those kids- who managed to get their law school applications in during fall finals and knew exactly what they wanted to do after graduation and had never entered public with the +21 hand stamp from the night before on their foreheads, becoming a grown-up was a metamorphosis they welcomed with ease, shielded with their fancy resumes and smart phones. 

For me, it has been a far different story, one that has spanned months of wardrobe and verbal malfunctions.  You’d think I’d learn and to be fair, progress has been made.  But each and every single day is still an adventure- my motto being win some, lose some.  While at this point, I think I’m finally winning more then losing, most days are a toss-up, in which it is really anyone’s bet. 

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