Work fail #3249

Conversation I had with my friend Spano one Friday in May while I was at work:

Me: I spent out an e-mail to every MEMBER OF CONGRESS with a typo.  I win!

Spano:  Yes, you do.

Spano:  I was just asking myself why this woman was staring at me so intently and then I saw the guild dog…

Me:  That made me feel a little better.  I told my co-worker I was going to hang myself with my pearls.  Very WASPy of me.  She didn’t think it was funny. 

Spano:  I’m so proud of you.  That’s going to go on my blog.

And it did.  You may read Spano’s blog (also filled with my mishaps) at

As for the e-mail to each and every schedule for each and every Congressional scheduler: RSVP is spelled R-S-V-P, not R-V-S-P.  The best part of this all being that after being approved by 3 other people in my office, it was a kind scheduler who enlightened me to the mistake about 2 days after the invite had gone out.  And again, I hang my head in professional shame.


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