The most stressful 5 star resort around

Life has been a work-related shit show for the past couple of weeks due to a fall board of directors meeting that coincides with our 40th anniversary.  We commemorated the occasion in California at what my co-worker Kate now refers to as the most stressful 5 star resort she has ever been to. 

The resort itself was breathtakingly beautiful, set deep in the valley outside of Santa Monica with white washed buildings and picturesque views.  The rooms were $300 per night, the golf course excellent (from what I’m told) and the spa top notch, but of course we spent the weekend running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

Stress is a funny thing- and something my office doesn’t do all that gracefully.  Desks get pounded on, objects get thrown, voices get raised, stress balls are furiously worked until hands get sore, but we are working on it.  For this particular board meeting, the stress seemed to climax the previous Friday and then was for the most part resolved or contained.  The California air must have soothed our nerves as the trip, despite the mass amounts of work involved, was actually quite lovely. 

In Chicago for the weekend- contemplating I don’t know what.  Staying in DC stresses me out, but the idea of moving back to Chicago, or really anywhere for that matter, stresses me out even more.  More to come.


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