An airing of the grown-up grievances:

1. I was unpacking my suitcase post-MN Thanksgiving and dug a pack of cigarettes out from underneath the zippered lining.  When I went to Europe after graduating college, I had lined up a carton of Parliament Lights underneath the lining- not for customs, not because I thought I was going to get into trouble, but because they fit so nicely between the joints that connected to the retractable handle.  And that was in 2008. 

I quit smoking about 3 months ago and the fact that this pack of cigarettes still stands unopened on my nightstand is proof that I am not only a grown-up who cares about her health, but a non-smoker.  Because in my former life, 2008 or not, I would have smoked them if I was drunk or desperate enough. See, there it is unopened:

2.  Last week someone asked me what I liked to do for fun and I had to honestly answer “I don’t know, I do a lot of pilates”.  One of my quit-smoking strategies had to include an activity that alleviated my stress with the success a delicious puff on a Parliament Light once had on my mental health.  The worst part is I actually like pilates and know the schedule by heart and attend without brow beating or threats.  I used to be one of those people that mocked their friends for excessive exercise and healthy eating while holding a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.  Now look at me, I’m one of them. 

3.  I called in sick this week.  Why?  Because I was sick.  And being that I am a salaried employee with 5 sick days (plus 2 personal days and 10 vacation days) a year,  I can do shit like that.  It used to take excessive blood loss or vomiting to even consider not showing up to make that $10 an hour, but look at me now.


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