An NYE Resolution Grievance…

I returned from my DCA-MSP-MYS-MDW-IAD Christmas vacation with a few less dollars in the bank account, a wicked hangover (thank you 9 day bender) and with my pants a little tighter.  I vowed to continue my pre-Christmas party fiasco routine of working out a couple days a week and at times eating some vegetables in between sips of beer.  I joined the gym this fall so I had a good schedule, knew when my favorite classes were, a moderate understanding of when it was busy and when it was not and a good grasp of the gym rules. 

As I wondered into the gym Monday, I was hit with my stark and miserable reality.  The New Years Resolutioners.  Those who were already fat or out of shape and decided after consuming too much eggnog and Christmas cookies at the office to hit the gym and lose ____ amount of pounds.  They are mean.  They are hostile.  They are missing their carbs.  And they are all up in my personal space.

In the past 3 days, I have been forced to attend strange organized classes such as Step (not just a grip of senior citizens as I originally thought) and H.I.T. (which stands for high intensity training and extreme pain all in one) and pilates at 6:30AM in order to have some peace and quiet.  My body is sore but there are too many people in the steam room.  There is nowhere to park.  Seriously, people.  You are not going to stick to your diet or your gym routine, so please quite now and leaves those of us who go on a regular basis alone. Your couch misses you. 

And yes, I know that was a little bit harsh.


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