I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning- like hate the world, showering is too much work, I want my mommy- wrong side of the bed. I buried my head under my pillow until I had 20 minutes to get myself out the door, jumped out of bed, washed my face, put my hair up (not nicely, I just noted) and attempted to dress myself. 

Turns out the dress clothes I do have in my possession are quite wrinkled and dirty and everything else is at the dry cleaner washed, pressed and hanging 3 blocks away from my closet.  Therefore, I am sitting at my desk wearing 4 different shades of black, glaring at my computer screen and chugging horrendous office brewed coffee because going all the way to Starbucks is to much mother fucking work. 

Yes, it is one of those mornings.  Everybody sucks.  I hate the world and the world probably hates me back. 

I am aware that this feeling won’t last forever and also aware that I am being mildly dramatic, but I’m entitled.  I once cried in a Taco Bell parking lot next to the aquatic themed laundromat at 11PM due to a day like this.  5 loads of wet laundry, no quarters and homework to attend to and there I was crying in the Taco Bell parking lot because everything sucked.

But then my cousin Josephine sends me shit like this and I have to smile a little bit.  And the caffeine kicks in.  And whatever, it is just another Tuesday.


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