My funny (read: mildly intoxicated) Valentine

For the record, Natalie made a very excellent Valentine.  She brought me plastic red roses that cost her a whole dollar, was only 10 minutes late and our drunk love towards the end of the evening made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.  I even updated my Facebook status accordingly:

Having a romantical non-Valentines w/Nat.

(I had to add the non-Valentines part because thanks to Facebook, my father’s family thought I was a lesbian for a whole year due to my engaged status with my friend Stacey.  I had to cancel our relationship following a “congrats on the engagement!” e-mail from my Southern cousin I had not seen in 5 years).

But back to Natalie…

Natalie’s roommate Jonathan went to college with two of my roommates, so thanks to our individual frat boys and Craig’s List, we became very good friends over the last year. 

I met her the first weekend I moved onto A Street.  My roommates hosted a “welcome the family, Rachel” type of kegger and which we all got rip-roaring drunk, broke holes in the basement ceiling with our mock fist pumping and decided that we were all going to be friends for a very long time.

Between house parties, happy hour and National’s games, Natalie and I started hanging out without our various roommates and formed a wonderful relationship in which we moderately binge drink at the Cap Lounge, talk about our feelings, gossip about our roommates and tell each other secrets.  It is great. 

Natalie is a Republican from Nebraska.  That is one of the things I love most about DC- that one of my greatest friends is someone I would have never crossed paths with in another city.  We largely have nothing in common, but she is my go-to girl.  And one of the best Valentines dates I’ve ever had.


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