Shit rolls down hill! It is a board meeting, after all.

My father is know for his many one liners, of the most popular being shit rolls down hill.  I yell at you, he’d say, you yell at Tim, Tim yells at Jack, Jack kicks the dog. 

I saw it once in very real life during my morning commute.  You could almost see proverbial passing of the anger baton.  It started with a girlfriend yelling at her boyfriend.  She was micromanaging his plans for the day, talking shit about his family and continually cutting him down.  I watched for 10 minutes as he became more and more dejected until he turned to the teenager next to him and yelled at him for his music being too loud.

The girlfriend yelled at the boyfriend, the boyfriend yelled at the teen and when the teen got to school, there he a chance he passed on that anger to someone else.  I kept waiting for the boyfriend to tell the girlfriend to shove it, but he took it all the way to Metro Center when she demanded he make it home by 6 for dinner, departed the train and stormed off.  The boyfriend looked like he was going to cry and for a brief moment I congratulated myself on being single.

We have a board meeting next week and as the girl at the bottom of the food chain, at times I am a victim of the shit rolls down hill theory of life.  And with no dog to kick, usually it is the copy machine. 


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