A series of random thoughts that have nothing to do with each other:

1.  I am exhausted.  The board meeting went off mostly without a hitch- and the few hitches that did present themselves were at least fixable. 

2.  I couldn’t figure out why our board members kept looking at my boobs and then I realized they were in fact look at my name tag.  Sometime I am such an airhead.

3.  I wore tan dress pants and a navy blazer yesterday.  I looked like a Catholic school boy.  Not my best look. 

4.  It was freezing in the hotel yesterday.  My immediate strategy when cold is to just fall asleep.  It is why I always fall asleep in movie theaters in the summer time.

5.  There was a Middle Eastern embassy also having a party during our president’s reception.  It made for interesting people watching and lots of secret service.  We did some moderate racial profiling to figure out who was coming to our party and who belonged a level down.

6.  I went to see Jonathan Franzen speak last week at the National Cathedral.  I want to one day become a famous writer solely so I can stand in front of a packed house (um, church) and refuse to answer questions from my audience. 

7.  I had a moderate temper-tantrum in a Kinkos Tuesday trying to get 59 board books printed after our brand new copier broke down.  It worked.  Steve is my new favorite Kinkos employee.  He had everything printed in 8 hour.  I brought him a donut. 

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