A follow-up on job interviews and dating:

A great job interview for a job you don’t want is like a great date with a guy you don’t want to sleep with.  Both have happened to me in the past two weeks. 

I’ve been on 4 dates with this gentlemen and while we have a ton in common, get along great and genuinely like each other, there is very little part of me that wants to see him with his clothes off.  I tried to “fake it ‘til I make it”, as recommended to me on a number of occasions, but have largely decided friends is a more appropriate path to take. 

I had a job interview with Living Social yesterday.  It was for a consumer advocacy position, which while I understood partially involved sitting on the phone, didn’t realize the extent of it until I was faced with a room full of people in cubicles attached to phone head sets.  The interview went great, but the thought of spending the next year explaining to people how to log in to their Living Social accounts and having to work holidays sucks real bad. 

Moral of the story, good job interviews and good dates are great, but only when you want the job and are interested in seeing your date naked.


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