Things that sucked and things that didn’t in 2010.

Now that we are officially in the 3rd month of 2011 and I’ve done a significant amount of whining thus far, I’ve decided to assess 2010.  My best friend Louisa (known from here on out as BFF4EVA, if you will) usually makes an end of the year am I crazy? list.  I’m going pro/con because I already know that I am freaking nuts.

Things that didn’t suck in 2010:

-I flew a mother fucking airplane.  I still can’t land the thing (my friend Scott calls me Jihad Jane) and refuse to talk to ground control, but for real, I flew a damn plane.  Who can say that?  Oh, and I flew that sucker over Dulles Aerospace.  Which is a big deal if you are flying in DC and an aviation nerd.

-I went to California, New Orleans, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City and Virginia Beach in like 2 months.  That makes me a world (U.S.) traveler I believe. 

-I met Helen Thomas (and was convinced I gave her strep for 24 hours until my test results came back negative). 

-I started the year off right!  With a brand new tattoo I thought about for exactly 2.8 minutes after picking it out of my BFF4EVA’s art history book.  That story later. 

-I had more sex than I had in 2009, which really isn’t saying much, but more is more, damnit.

-I went on more dates in 2010 than I think I ever have in my life.  Dating sucks both in DC and elsewhere and my incredibly pro-active self has a hard time with “the perfect guy will find you when you are not looking” theory.  So I joined a dating site, found some weirdos, did some making out on the corner of Connecticut and K and am still single, but at least I am doing something about it. 

-I moved my lame ass out of Friendship Heights.

-I made boat loads of excellent new friends.  Lost some good friends too for a variety of reasons, but that is neither here nor there.

-I went to a black tie dinner with Harrison Ford.  Oh, and I met Harrison Ford.

-I quit smoking and joined a gym (mainly to help lead to the more sex goal, but whatever, I’m being healthy and shit too).

Shit that sucked:

-I flashed a one of the vice presidents of my company.

-I missed a funeral or two, but that is to be expected when you live 1,100 miles away from home.

-I wasn’t offered an amazing job that would be life changing and was going to pay me 8 million dollars to sit around and be my cute and charming self.  On another note, I didn’t get a job that I thought I really really wanted at the time.  Now I’m actually happy I didn’t get it.  And not getting that job started my quit smoking/join a gym, improve your mother fucking life etc. game plan.

-I am 23 1/2 and still have not discovered a fool proof way to kick my acne, although it has gotten better. 

-There was some family drama, but that is usually to be expected.  I have about 349 family members.  There is always some drama as it turns out.

-I had to work about 60 days straight last winter, which I supposed is what I get for being offered and accepting 2 jobs in 2 weeks.  It was fun, it is over now, I hope to never ever have to do that again. 

-I live in a straight up hell hole.  Nothing I can do about it.  I’ve tried.  But my frat boys love me and I love them- especially when they do the dishes.

This and this.

-I got my heart broken just the tiniest bit, but we won’t talk about that.

-I blacked out in front of my mom (see New Orleans).

Um, I guess that is really all I’ve got.  I guess 2010 wasn’t actually that bad.  I have my health, I have my paycheck, family and friends, and right now I am wearing super cute boots.  I guess I just like to be anxious and shit.  Oh, well. 


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