I must confess…

I actually ate 2 Cups of Noodles today (today meaning Friday, even though it is technically Saturday).  One for lunch with my gummy bears and one around 3pm when I needed a snack.  Both times I spilled on my cable knit sweater.  I would also like to note that I purposely wore a cable knit sweater to work today so I would not go out drinking straight from work, as no one can be found attractive when wearing cable knit.  

I think those two Cups of Noodles were 1945% of my daily sodium intake, but man, they were delicious.  During a brief 8pm lie down/Gossip Girl viewing, I thought long and hard about what I had done and took my ass to the gym.  On a Friday night.  And ran two entire miles, one in under 10 minutes— WIN!  God damn, I am the coolest person that ever lived.  Then I fell asleep on T Bone’s couch watching a movie short thereafter.  

Well, at least I won’t be hungover tomorrow!  Not from alcohol at least, but I may be going through Cup of Noodle withdrawal.  It is a good thing the sketchy bullet-proof-glass-order-through-the-window corner store across the street from my house closed.  Chicken Ramen were 4 for a dollar.  

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