A case of the freezing cold Mondays

With the 2 Cups of Noodle guilt still lingering and the sun shining in my window this morning, I thought it would be a lovely day to bike to the office.  It turns out that I was a little confused about the weather, despite the promised high of 55 degrees.

It was windy as shit and freezing cold and I of course left the house with wet hair, wearing a skirt, no tights and Chuck Taylors.  Now I’ve biked longer distances in shorter skirts with more wind, but this morning was a rough one.  Still made it in 28 minutes and 57 seconds.  3 minutes longer than last time but I am trying to be more conscious of traffic signals and pedestrians. 

Happy Monday!  Hope all of your weeks started out as exciting as mine. 

P.S.  Also just remembered that I totally pulled out my Nook while waiting in line at the bar Saturday night for the bathroom.  I’m not ashamed.  That line was boring as hell.


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