Random facts of my day:

1.  Nat just e-mailed me to tell me she plans on going to visit her soon-to-be-old roommate in India this April (yes, like in a month).  I immediately invited myself along.  I bet I could get a book out of it “When I went to Indian with a Republican”.  I’d sell millions. 

2.  I just found 1.5 bags of rice cakes in the cupboard at work.  I went through a phase in which I was convinced that I was allergic to gluten and spent an entire year eating rice cakes with cream cheese and salami.  Delicious, don’t judge. 

3.  Turns out I am not allergic to gluten, just barley (WTF?) and pretty much everything that is outside.  The doc gave me nasal spray.  Which I’ve used.  Heaven help me.  Allergy crack season!  I live off of Claritin-D.  They track that shit at the pharmacy. 

4.  I just inherited a water bottle and a travel coffee cup due to a break-up and hotel swag.  Win!  (Well, not the break-up.  So sorry). 

5.  I am going to “Chair Play” tomorrow night at the gym:  This class will make your muscles burn, with a focus on the arms, abs and booty. Burning 400-600 calories per class this strip tease and chair dancing workout gets you sweating and feeling sexy! (Open to all-all must participate!).  I’m sure it will be almost as much fun, if not more fun, than the Coyote Ugly dance class T Bone and I attended 2 weeks ago.

I’m literally typing to stay awake.  Done now.  Promise.


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