Confession of the week:

I may look wrinkly as hell today, but would like to submit for the official record that I have come along way in my young life, as I showed up to college with this hair style:

That is right.  Microweave.  Down to my ass.

BFF4EVA and I thought it would be a most excellent idea to do that the night before I left for my private Catholic college in Chicago.  I still think I looked awesome.  My mom still thinks I looked like I had cancer.

Shout out to Lauren (in the first picture) who not only was an excellent partner in crime, but helped me take the microweave out.  I think it took a fork, a comb, 4 episodes of Friends, the Breakfast Club, a couple 40s and most of my pride.  Bless you, Lauren, bless you. 


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