Business Hangover

After coffee, water, a nap, Coke, a McMuffin and a burger from 5 Guys, I still feel like death.  A Jameson commercial came on during lunch and I had to cover my ears and put my head down.  I was made an example of by my boss.  “Everyone look at Rachel.  This is what happens when you mix your booze.” And mix I did.  I no particular order, I drank:


-Punch with white wine in it



-A sip of Scotch that tasted like wood.


-Back to the gin thing.

-A sip of water.

So pretty much sugar, sugar, beer, beer, gross, sugar, sugar, sugar (OMG, just typing this is making me more nauseous) and had a solid dinner of french fries.  That is the problem with business drunk.  It also usually involves things one doesn’t usually drink.  Never in a bajillion years would I order myself a lemon-lime cocktaily thing, I’d order my ass a beer, therefore business hangovers are 10 times worse than usual hangovers. 

I also asked out the catering manager last night.  He was damn cute and did everything I asked of him including but not limited to pulling an extra dozen rib sliders out of nowhere.  Fairly certain I punched his number in wrong.  Very likely considering his named was like this:  REG4GGIE.  Um, fail. 

Getting home was super great too.  I made the cab driver stop at an ATM, took the briefest of naps in the cab and then when we arrived at my home said, “oh shit!  I don’t have any money!”.  The cab driver reminded me I in fact did.  My roommate then fished me off the porch while I was looking for my keys. 

Seriously though, anyone know what time I got home last night?


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