Mondays, whoa.  Glad this is almost over with. 

Off to assisted living dinner with my Old Lady and another evening of sorting through stuff.  This woman has got her college term papers, Valentines cards her sons wrote her when they were in grade school, poems she wrote in 8th grade…boxes and boxes of stuff.  As she is a political junky and long time grassroots worker in VA- many of her boxes are fascinating to go through, but she also had boxes upon boxes of voter information data dating back to the forties.  Largely- it’s a toss up.


I had an incredibly mild weekend, quite necessary after Thursday’s business drunk debacle.  Teresa fed me Friday, hung out with the Old Lady Saturday, attended a cocktail party in Springfield, ate Chinese food, did some household cleaning (a miracle!), much of the usual.


There was one…well, two incidents.  My friend and I have taken to long weekend bike rides upwards of 10 miles.  If we depart prior to 2pm, we go to the other side of town for coffee.  If we leave after 2pm, we go for beers.  This Sunday after I took myself out to breakfast and spent the morning reading in Lincoln Park, we had plans to meet and head to Columbia Heights for an afternoon on the Red Derby’s rooftop deck.

As I turned right onto her street, a car pulled quickly out of the ally and didn’t stop to check the sidewalk for people.  I slammed on my breaks, as did the driver and we had a brief bumper to tire collision that left me more shaken up than anything.  And desperately craving a cigarette.

About 6 hours later (about 3 hours after the beers), I hit my pedal on the curb, which sent me launching into the air, my thigh slamming onto the cross-bar with all my weight behind it on the way back down.  I’ve got a gnarly bruise, but mostly what is hurt is my pride.  Fuck gravity. 

Yes, it would be incredibly grown-up (and responsible) of me to wear a helmet, but no matter what, biking fast with the wind in my hair is one of my all-time favorite activities. 


BFF4EVA arrives Friday.  And Hallelujah for that.  My sanity will drastically improve. 


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