bikes, food and work related things

I biked to work this morning in 28 minutes, which includes two seat adjustments, a handful of skirt adjustments and a half block back pedal to get my fallen hat.  I would consider that a win on all accounts.  I’ve becoming more familiar with the roads that have bike lanes in order to quite bobbing (biking?) and weaving around morning commuters on the sidewalk, which is very nice of me. 

Despite the many stops to adjust my skirt (adjust = pull it down from my hips), I’ll never quit biking in skirts or dresses.  It gets a little more tedious in the summer time when I won’t be wearing thick black tights, but I take pride in my skirt biking.  And it is a great way to make new friends- specifically with construction workers and peope loitering on street corners.

“You ride that bike, girl.  Ride that bike!”.  I will, sir, I certainly will. 

Other random things that have nothing to do with anyone but me and are mostly food related:  I ate a Cobb salad sandwich for lunch.  Egg, bacon, meat of some sort, blue cheese and lettuce.  It was disgusting.  I hope to never eat it again. 

I made chicken noodle soup the other night.  The noodles soaked up the large majority of the broth, so now it is more like chicken noodles with some vegetables floating around.  Not my finest work. 

Now on to work(ish) related things:  I hate LinkedIn.  Mostly because I don’t get it.  Has anyone ever had anything good come out of LinkedIn?

I’m writing a complaint letter to Corner Bakery.  And not only because their strange Cobb sandwich gave me a stomach ache.  I work in an industry with a bunch of dudes.  Dudes who love meat and potatoes.  Every time I call to order lunch I say over and over again, “Please only send ONE VEGETARIAN sandwich!” and they say ok!

Today I got no less than 6 vegetarian sandwiches, which are gross and no one eats.  So I call Corner Bakery and say, “Yo, I asked for 1.  You sent 6.  I would like you to please send sandwiches with meat before the 20 men show up for this meeting”. 

The rest of the conversation went as follows:  They first told me 6 vegetarian sandwiches were impossible (so I counted for like the 3rd time, made my other co-worker count to make sure I was not crazy) and said it was possible.  Then they said they would send me different sandwiches.  Then when the delivery person showed up again, he lectured me on how I should ask for specific sandwiches when I ordered.  I DIIIIIIIIIID!  I said.  It was traumatic.

So, I am writing a letter to corporate.  Which if you knew me in college is quite funny to you.  I also did this to Dove chocolate this summer when all my chocolates had melted and re-hardened and were super gross.  But then they sent me free chocolate.

That might have been boring for you.  Most days I feel like I should rename this blog “Rachel’s social anxieties, minute to minute thoughts and issues with society”. 


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