None of this is interesting. FYI.

I rode the train downtown today with someone who was showing up to our office for a meeting.  I of course did not know this. 

The trains are shorter these days following the red line accident a couple summers ago*, therefore if the train pulls up when I am not physically on the platform yet, I have to run.  Which is pretty embarrassing in high heels, clutching an extra large purse and a to-go cup of coffee. 

This morning after I hauled ass into the last car, I slurped up the coffee leaking into the top of my cup, opened me Nook and sat down.  I briefly noticed a gentlemen standing across from me.  The thoughts went like this:

Hmm, he is kind of cute.  What is up with the yellow windbreaker?  God, that is a bright color.  Oh, it is going to rain today.  I bet it is a rain coat.  Good thing I have my umbrella.  He needs new shoes.  Ok, back to my super awesome book.**

After getting trapped in the metro station (didn’t have my Smart Trip card, short 10 cents on my paper card, dug frantically through purse, looked like idiot) I walked into my office building and got into the elevator still reading my book*** and ignoring the world.  Three other gentlemen got off and headed towards me office.  I held open the door and noticed yellow windbreaker dude.

The next set of thoughts:

Holy damn.  I was sizing him up twenty minutes ago.  I hope my kept me knees together and didn’t pick me nose.  He is pretty cute.  Well, I think he is.  I hope he didn’t notice me digging through my purse unable to find 10 cents like an idiot.  Why is DC so awkwardly small?

And then resumed my day. 

It’s raining.  It’s Wednesday.  I’m tired.  This is as good as it is going to get. 

*This caused my mother to FREAK OUT.  I lived on the red line at the time, but on the very opposite side of the accident, had no business being in the upper NE and was unemployed, thus I was happily and safety sitting in my neighborhood bar.  The neighborhood bar didn’t have any cell reception, so when I stumbled out slightly drunk after she’d been spending a couple hours trying to get a hold of me, all hell broke loss.  Being that I was moderately drunk, I choose this moment to remind her that she did not call me when the bridge collapsed in Minneapolis and that she should probably calm down.  Shocking that did not go over well. 

**Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.  I actually got all choked up and teary-eyed on the treadmill last night at the gym reading it.  Incredibly embarrassing.  

***I have mastered the art of walking and reading.  I assume some serious tripping will be in my future, but for now, my knees remain unskinned.


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