Friday round-up


I went for drinks last night with the gentleman who was discussed in this blog post.  He wasn’t anywhere close to as awful as the Hating Dating blogger described him.  I actually thought he was quite nice.  

The fact that I put two and two together— the dude being shit talked about was the same one I was e-mailing at the very moment I was reading the blog— proves that I am destined to be Nancy Drew when I grow up.


Me:  Are they even going to let us in to the bar?

Boy:  Well, I look great.  You look OK.

Thanks, dude. 


Being hungover at my office = lots and lots of people coming up to discuss alcohol with you. 

Co-worker:  Oh, you don’t feel good?  Have you ever had a Dirty Mexican shot?  It is Tequila with Tabasco and some mayonnaise around the rim…

Me:  OMFG, please stop this minute before I die.

Side note:  People always told me that my hangovers would start getting worse as I got older and I think it is happening.  I am incredibly upset about this development.  It took most of my morning and 1 and 1/2 bagels to get right with the day.  Brynn also stole 1/4 of my bagel, which I still think is total bullshit.  Don’t fuck with my bagel, lady.  I don’t feel good and cheese bagels are my only road to happiness. 


She suffered a stroke earlier this week.  From what I’m told, she mentally is still sharp as a tack but she is still experiencing numbness on the left side of her body, which is making it difficult to eat and speak.  Cross your fingers, cross your toes, say a little prayer— she’s putting up a damn good fight but needs all the help she can get. 


Moving here in 3 or so weeks.  Heaven help me.  If anyone knows of an apartment for rent, let me know.  Some place turtle friendly with an April move in date.  Having my old man in my household is so not hot. 


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