Wednesday and nothing much about Thursday

I’ve been staring at my computer screen for the past 45 minutes typing and retyping sentences.  The weather is crap and this week will never end.  Allow me to relay events in a numerical fashion.  And someone please pour me a stiff drink. 

1.  I had a job interview yesterday— for a position that I think I actually want.  There seems to be a work hard/play hard feel to the place, the industry seems interesting and saying my job title and company aloud makes me seem fancy— which is incredibly important to me for reasons I simply cannot explain. 

2.  I have a $300 suit from Banana Republic that has become my official job interview suit, thus I largely associate said suit with rejection.  But at least I looked fine as hell when it inevitably happens. 

3.  My interview started 20 minutes late yesterday.  I was so nervous by the time the interview started, I’m sure it sounded like I was going to cry the entire time.

4.  The CEO is a rugby player.  Rugby players love all other rugby players, just as Minnesotans love all other Minnesotans  Let’s hope he knows the code.

5.  Sometimes when I met a cute boy, I like to think about what our lives would be together— where he would take me on our first date, how he would look in a tux, how he would feel about my handful of social anxieties*, some naughty things that I will go get into for the sake of modesty. 

I also do this for potential employers— how I would feel spending 40 hours a week in their office, would I look super important handing out business cards, what suit I would wear on the first day of work. This is all very awkward to admit.  Maybe I should have kept it to myself.

It is going to be a bit on the embarrassing side if I don’t get this job, now that I’ve blogged about it.  But you know- take back the embarrassment and all that shit.  I was wide awake from 2-5AM and am fairly certain that I am not making much sense. 

And lastly, can we all get a moment of silence for Tacos Impala.

*Like drinking in basement bars— what if there is a fire?  Do you know where the fire exit is?


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