I may not know how to dr

I may not know how to dress for the office, but I sure as shit know how to dress for a snowpocalypse. 

Had my second interview today- I think it went well, but you can never really know.  I’m trying to both think really good thoughts and not think about it at all.  Don’t forget to cross your fingers, y’all.

Three things (and I promise more tomorrow):

1.  I took Nat to chair play Tuesday night.  You can take the girl out of Nebraska, but she still won’t be able to grind a folding chair.

2.  DePaul just e-mailed me to ask for money.  Haha.  No, thank you.

3.  T-8 days until the old man arrives to invade my personal space.  And yes, the entirety of Washington, DC is my personal space. 

Are we all impressed with my use of links?  Holla.


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