There are dumb questions…and dumb answers

I always have a great come back or answer to a question about 3 hours after the moment has passed.  The CEO asked me during my job interview yesterday what my favorite movie was and I couldn’t think of a single proper response.

CEO:  What’s your favorite movie, Rachel?

Me:  (Animal House, Animal House, Animal House, Animal House, oh my god think about something appropriate…) MONSTERS INC.!  Um, I nannied a lot when I was younger. 

Duh, he is a pilot.  I obviously should have said Top Gun.

Thus, I bring you a list of all the potential interview questions that could backfire.  I suggest everyone has a witty and pertinent answer prepared:

1.  What is your favorite movie?

     NOT Animal House.

2.  What really makes you mad in the workplace?

     People not being flexible— I have a hard time being on time. 

3.  What do you value in the workplace?

     Company financed happy hours.

4.  What do you find funny? 

     People falling down!  Tourists getting stuck in metro doors!

5.  Who is someone in popular culture today that you admire?   

     Paris Hilton, pre-sex video scandal.

6.  Explain to us a time that you really dropped the ball and how you fixed it.

     I never drop the ball!!!

7.  If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you want with you? 

     Coke, hookers and vodka…

8.  How do you deal with co-workers you find difficult?   

     Kick ‘em in the shins!

9.  What type of people do you get along with?

     No one, I am anti-social as hell. 

10.  How honest are you?

      That is like asking people if they are lying…


Courtesy of Josephina, my very favorite cousin who’s birth two years after mine helped out the male-female ratio of our cousins. 

Jo was once asked “how many non white friends do you have?”

Jo:  “The best part: SHE WANTED A NUMBER.  Like I don’t count my friends and divide them into groups based on race.  I don’t even count my friends at all!”

Happy Friday, people.  We’ll be back bright and early Monday morning.  If you have any interview questions you’d like to add, shoot me an e-mail.  Word to your mothers.


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