How to: job hunt

I’ve been job hunting for what seems like forever at this point.  I’ve got the process down to a science— and I believe I’ve become pretty good at it, but not good enough to land another position.  An old boss of mine told me once that you can’t make a career out of job hunting and she is right.  Here is what I’ve learned so far:

1.  It is much easier to get turned down for a job when you already have a job.  No matter what happens, my rent will get paid.

2.  Follow your gut.  If you think you bombed an interview, you probably did.  If your gut tells you that a job will make you want to stab your eyeballs with knitting needles, it probably will.

3.  Always make nice with the receptionist— no one likes a snob. 

4.  Tell people you are job hunting.  I was hesitant to do so but people like to be helpful.  Most remember what it is like to be in this crap situation. 

5.  E-mail the hiring manager if the expected deadline for notification has passed.  Whether or not you e-mail to ask for an update will not change their mind as to whether or not they are going to hire you. 

6.  Always always always mail hand written thank you notes following an interview.  I’ve actually received e-mails thanking me for the thank you note.

7.  Bring a copy of your resume and references.  Some employers still make you fill out applications for their records. 

8.  If possible, find someone in your current office to confide in.  That person can serve as a good sounding board and cover for you when you need to duck out of the office an hour early for an interview.

9.  Buy one expensive suit that makes you feel like you can kick ass and take names.  Despite largely associating professional rejection with my $300 Banana Republic suit, it makes me feel like I can dominate in an interview. 

10.  Don’t forget to smile and have a firm handshake.  Weak handshakes make me suspect people’s character.  I can’t help it. 

And pray.  Because the odds are always against you.  Got any to add? 

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