Friday Round-Up


8 people are following me on Twitter!  I have no idea what that means!  My new found ability to update people on everything that I’m doing in real time is incredibly amusing to me.

My water is boiling!  I am going to floss my teeth!  I ate meatloaf for breakfast!

Just kidding, I won’t do that.  But I’ll want to.  Follow me @dointhegrownup.


I caught 2 fly balls in a row and assisted in the 3rd out in 1 inning during kickball last night.  I have mixed feelings on my success, as now my teammates will expect repeat performances.  That was it, guys, I’ve maxed out my skill for the season.

“Get up out my grill” has become somewhat of a team motto.  If only moderately insulting strangers always was the beginning of a great friendship— I’d have so many more friends.

After the obligatory rounds of flip cup (also known as dinner), we engaged in a team orange dance party.  I took my chair play skills to the streets.  There was a minor incident over the course of the evening when a member of the blue team was being mean to a member of my team.  I’ve largely learned over the years that in order to have successful confrontations with drunk people acting dumb, you must treat them in the same manner as you’d treat a misbehaving 2 year old.

Assess the inappropriate action:  Are you being nice?

Suggest a solution:  You should probably stop right now.

I also like to toss in some form of threatened physical harm, since unlike 2 year olds, you can’t put drunk people in time out.  Me and Blue talked it out, she promised to stop, I promised to kick her ass if she didn’t, smiled, patted her on the head and went back to my dancing.  I feel that it ultimately became a team building situation.


Nat and I detoured on our way home to have a drink with one of my little brother’s friends who was visiting DC for the weekend.  Whenever I see Tim’s friends all grown up and attractive, I have to spend a considerable amount of time reminding myself that when I first met them, they were all gangly and their voices cracked.


From what I understand, we’ve got a full house this weekend at my aunt and uncle’s— their 3 kids, my mom and bros, plus another 10 or so for Easter brunch.  Good thing I remembered to pack my bunny dress.

Back bright and early Monday morning— upon my return I will officially no longer be the only member of my family living in DC.  Heaven help me.


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