I got a phone call from my very dear friend Gigi yesterday telling me that her boyfriend proposed.  I was overwhelmed with happiness for them both— for I adore the two of them almost as much as they adore each other. 

“How very grown-up of you,” I told her.  And then had a moment of panic.  If she was getting married, it might be expected of me in the near future.  She promised me it wasn’t.

Gigi and I have had many adventures— including but not limited to drinking lots of champagne in a hotel room in Florence and drunk Skyping people.  And now she’s getting hitched.  I also have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be a bridesmaid.  I’m hoping for this:

And I think I’m getting them this for the cake.


Today is Administrative Professional Appreciation today.  I am an administrative person and feel it is very important that I be appreciated.  I relayed these thoughts by discussing it very loudly in front of the VP I report to.  Let’s see if he got the hint.

Those are your morning updates.  I’m off to suck down iced lattes and make some copies. 

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