Highs of the week

Just like church camp, but better.

– I bought a ticket to Costa Rica on a whim Wednesday morning.  God bless paid vacation and savings accounts.  It may be a moderately irrational way to deal with professional rejection and life frustration, but I think it is just what the doctor ordered.  I am going to lie on the beach and read my book and hang out with some monkeys. 

– We may have lost our kickball game (4-0), but we won at drinking.  And really, that is more important. I also made another out.  My team doesn’t seem to believe me when I tell them my skills were limited to that one game and keep making me play.

– Someone told me the best thing ever this afternoon.  Something along the lines of just because you don’t want to buy that particular shoes doesn’t mean it’s a bad shoe.  It just isn’t what you’re looking for.  I will now apply that to all aspects of my life. 

– It’s frat boy free weekend!  While all of my roommates will be lying on the beach in Hilton Head and standing up in their friend’s wedding, I will be the queen of my castle and watching girly movies on their big screen tv. 

-My dad found a job and an apartment.  The important thing being that the apartment is not in my quandrant. 

We ain’t doing lows, as I’m making every effort to be a positive human being.  All day, every day.  Or at least until someone starts to bother me.  TGIF.


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