Weekend Updates/How to Bike in a Dress

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it one hundred times.  If you ever are in need of a self-esteem boost— bike home in a dress.  There is nothing like some harmless catcalls to improve your mood and being that you are moving at a relatively quick speed, usually out of earshot before the comments can become inappropriate.  This evening, in a blue plaid dress and tan high heels, I received my first SHAZAM!  I would like to thank Capital Bike Share and Banana Republics everywhere.  

Tips:  I highly recommend wearing large underwear and making valiant attempts to keep your knees together.  It’s important to be percieved as a lady, after all.  

This weekend was largely uneventful.  My father is firmly established in an apartment 6 whole miles away from my own.  I had 3 uninterrupted days without my frat boys, which allowed for me to walk around the house in my underwear and enjoy a dirty dishes free sink.  T-34 days until my Costa Rican vacation.  

That is all.  Today sucked and board meetings suck worse.  My positive pants are currently not on my person, but tomorrow will be a brand new day.  

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