3 Important Things for Tuesday


I made my second attempt at cooking tofu last night and failed yet again.  Now being that I believe salami should very much be its own food group, one might be surprised to find that I enjoy tofu, but I do.  It is far healthier than what I normally consume and I like that it tastes like anything you cook it in (which is why I cook mine with bacon— ha, just kidding).  

T Bone introduced me to the beauty of grilled tofu with a nice soy peanut sauce a couple weeks ago after we “exercised” (explained below).  It was life changing and incredibly delicious.  When I attempted to repeat her performance Saturday afternoon, I ended up with tofu that tasted like burnt hamburgers.  

Yesterday, as I was too lazy to walk all the way down the basement stairs and out the back door to the grill, I attempted the pan fried approach for round 2.  What I ended up with was tofu that tasted like vegetable oil— the soy peanut sauce coating simply sticking to the bottom of the pan when I tried to flip the tofu.  (I ate it anyway.)  Foiled yet again.

I’ve decided that what I need is my very own vegetarian to instruct me on the finer points of making tofu taste good and cook properly.  They must know how it’s done.  Help a carnivore sister out.  


“Exercise” is when T Bone and I pretend to work out— a skill that needs to be practiced and perfected.  We make plans to go on a run and end up doing nothing close to full speed.   It involves the following:

– Planning a run.  Putting on exercise clothes and sneakers.  Meeting in Lincoln Park.

– Walking somewhat quickly around our neighborhood and near historical places, such as our Nation’s Capitol, to get some culture. 

– Jogging briskly only when we might miss the light in order to be constantly moving.  We may be going slow but we ain’t standing still!  

– Finish with snacks and beer.  


“Sucking the marrow out of life doesn’t mean choking on the bone”.  Word, John Keating.

Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society

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