My weekend in pictures


If A’s plan to win the lottery fails, maybe he can be on the new coupon cutting reality TV show.  You have to buy 14 jars of mayonnaise, but for only $3.34!


The boys and I spent a nice Saturday afternoon at Home Depot.  We came home with a new plant for the front porch (the last one survived an entire year of cigarette butts and beer before it finally perished due to harsh winter colds), herbs and adirondack chairs to replace the hideous white porch swing.  We felt very adult to be spending our money on home repair projects. 


I went to a BBQ with one of my friends on Saturday afternoon and ate this.  It was probably the best thing I’ve ever tasted in the entire world.  There was a very brief moment in which I was shocked to see an entire roasted pig, which was quickly replaced by anticipation and glee.


I bought a pair of Toms this weekend.  They are horrendous and paired with my boyfriend jeans would most likely be the ultimate self-cockblock, but they are so comfortable. 

And while I may have ugly footwear, a child in need will get a free pair of shoes!  This reminds me of the time in which I got a pair of hot pink Crocs from the bike shop I worked at in high school.  Again, so ugly but so comfortable.  I showed up to the beach to meet Louisa one afternoon and she very pointedly told me that I was to immediately take them off or immediately go home and change.  She refused to be seen in public with me from that day forward if they were anywhere near my person and often recoiled at the sight of them, even if they just were tossed in the back seat of my car. 

Because as we all know— it’s far better to look good than feel good.  Word.


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