Friday Round-Up


We got trounced last night at kickball.  Like a 1,394 to 1 ass kicking.  Not a single one of us had any redeeming qualities— pop flies were bouncing off shins, a home run landed in the reflecting pool in front of the Grant Memorial, the ball was covered in mud.  It was not good. 

In the first inning, I was accidentally blocking 3rd and the runner squared her shoulders, put up her elbows and knocked me right off the base.  I sat on the ground for a whole minute once I righted myself trying to figure out what happened— I was playing kickball, not rugby, right?  I’ve got the road rash to prove it. 

I’d called my mom after our game and told that not only had we gotten schooled, every ball I kicked landed straight in the pitcher’s arms.  

“Rachel Shea, you need to quit looking at the pitcher!  When you’re up to bat, look at the little weak girl in the outfield and kick the ball as hard as you can!  If you look at the pitcher, you’re going to kick it right to him!  Stop doing that!”  Thanks for the pointers, Mom.


Is today apparently.  While I did bike, I rode my own damn bike because Capital Bike Share is firmly on my shit list.  I had to go to 5 different bike stands last night to drop off my bike and was still a mile from where I needed to be.  They are having some serious issues with Capitol Hill and I am not pleased.

My dress this morning, while doable on a cruiser, was in no way going to cut it on a road bike.  I put on yoga pants, hiked my dress up to my hips, threw my heels and purse in a reusable bag that I strapped on like a backpack and biked up K Street as fast as I could to be on time (10 minutes late) for work.  I had the sweatpants off, reusable bag in my purse and high heels on my feet by the time I got out of the elevator. 


My dad sent me this picture last night.  It is from the weekend my mom and brothers dropped me off in Chicago for college and taken at the Lincoln Park zoo.  I was rocking the microweave, Jack (in the middle) still had his “hair helmet” as we called it and Tim— well, Tim has had that same haircut for 10 years now.  We all thought we were total badasses at that very moment.  And still do to this day.

Keep it real, y’all.  See you back here bright and early Monday morning.


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