Slow Life Day


Spano, Laura, Liza and Brynn— I like you better than everyone else in the whole world. 


I’ve been dog sitting for the past week for Tsunami— a gigantic German Shepard and something that sheds like a mother and is slightly on the neurotic side.  I normally am quick to volunteer to house sit, as it is a nice mini-break from the frat house, but after a week I am ready to go back to my own bed and the luxury of not being completely covered head to toe in dog hair.

Tsunami and I did pilates in the living room last night while waiting for K to show up.  After the initial anxiety with a foreign object in his living room, he curled up as close as he could next to me and licked me when one of my limbs came close to his mouth.  It was weird. 


Minnesota will have anti-gay marriage question on the ballot in 2012.  I can honestly say that for the first time in my life, Michelle Bachmann aside, I am incredibly embarrassed about where I came from.  Please support Minnesota United for All Families and other organizations fighting against this Constitutional Amendment. 

Speaking of Minnesota politics, Pawlenty announced his bid for president this week.  I direct you to this website to properly express my feelings towards Pawlenty.  In addition, my mom used to skate circles around him on the hockey rink.  Go, mom. 


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