What the hell is that woman doing?

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T Bone, Brynn and I were driving home from Chair Play last night to indulge in a bottle of red wine and an entire tub of Allouete Cheese spread when we witnessed maybe the greatest thing to happen at Lincoln Park in the history of the world.

Driving past the park down North Carolina, a woman dressed in work out clothes, headphones in was doing a bit of a jazz handing/miming/shuffling/Tai Chi-ing thing down the sidewalk.  Why she wasn’t doing this inside the park away from the public is beyond me, but thank god she did.  Brynn mimics her indescribable actions in the first few seconds of our clip.

T Bone pointed and laughed, I slowed the car down as much as I could to not disrupt traffic and made the quick decision to circle the park to find out what she’d do next.  Hoping for a continued performance, we instead found her doing a very deliberate leprechaun/river dance thing which Brynn continues to demonstrate.

What comes next is what we hope she continued after we had to drive away.  It was one of those moments when life is just so good.  T Bone has insisted we now stalk the park each and every Tuesday around 9PM. Her plan is this in case we never find her again:  One of us will do the strange shuffle dance down the sidewalk.  The other person hides in the bushes, points and laughs.  And then we’ll switch.

If anyone knows what exactly this woman was doing, please let me know.  I apologize for the very poor quality of the video.


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