Welcome, have a fruit roll-up!


Doin’ the Grown-up is new and (moderately) improved! I cracked open my piggy bank, bought my very own website for the low low cost of $25 per year and then spent the rest of the afternoon wondering how someone my age could be so crap at technology.

After about 2 hours of staring at my computer yesterday messing with the new website, I once again learned life lesson #345: One must never fuck with their own HTML code when one got a B- in HTML class & often kicked out for smelling like beer.

I signed up for the World Wide Web class to fulfill a science requirement my second year of college, figuring that would be easier for me to comprehend than biology. The professor was a dorky tech nerd with big glasses and a receding hairline who often wore his jump drive on a rope around his neck. It is very hard to take someone seriously when they do that.

Louisa and I conveniently had a 2 hour window between when she got off work and I had to be in WWW class and often met at the local pub where her boyfriend tended bar. One afternoon we’d consumed one too many afternoon beers– as the professor leaned over my desk to help me find the error in my web page, I accidentally burped, making it quite obvious that I had Miller High Life for lunch.

The professor and I stared at each other for a whole minute. “I think I’m going to leave, ” I said, saving and closing out of my document.

He shook his head. “I think that’s a good idea.” Needless to say, I didn’t excel. There was a rookie from my rugby team in my class and while we were not into hazing per se, I did forcibly make her explain HTML code to me for the duration of the quarter. And I still never learned.


With our new and improved website, you’re able subscribe for e-mail alerts when there is a new post, as well as leave comments. I do ask that you are kind with your comments, as I have a lot of feelings (floors and floors of feelings) and wouldn’t come up into your work and tell you that you make crap pastries, or your lawyering skills blow or that you are really really bad at math. At least not your face– so please be nice.

I hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. My cousin Josephina is coming into town from Hot-lanta, so we’ll be BBQing and drinking and sight seeing like mother fuckers. See you back here bright and early Tuesday morning.


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  1. Yay! The new place looks great; soo much more grown-up than Tumblr.

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