Rules and Regulations

I am leaving for Costa Rica in 4 days and literally have to actively work to keep that thought in my brain.  I am more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of traveler.  My plan for the worst, hope for the best mentality is seriously overshadowed by heck yes, vacation bitches! when preparing for these things.

People have widely expressed their feelings towards me spending a week on the beach (my Grandmother— they have beaches here too you know!).  As I understand them:

1.  Mom:  Wear sunscreen.  I’m serious, Rachel Shea.  SPF9000 if at all possible.

2.  K:  No flirting with Costa Rica bell boys.

3.  Grandma:  Don’t do a single thing that could be construed as dangerous.

4.  Dad:  Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (that leaves room for a lot).

5.  My bros:  You’re going to Costa Rica?!

6.  My boss:  But who is going to refill the sugar packets in the kitchen when you’re gone?

7.  K:  Seriously, no Costa Rican bell boys.

8.  Mom:  Monkeys have rabies. You can’t hug them.

9.  My traveling partner:  Don’t forget your passport.  You can forget everything else, but not your passport.

10.  My traveling partner’s sister:  Don’t get in the bed of a pick-up truck to go to a party on the other side of town with strangers.  [It sounds like that has happened before.]

I’ve got 4 more days if there is anything you’d like to add.  In addition to reminding myself that I’m leaving the country every 30 minutes, I’ve started to make the first of my many lists of what to pack, attempting to commit to memory the name of the city we’ll be traveling too and figuring some other important stuff out — like exactly where my passport is hidden (my money is on my sock drawer).


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6 responses to “Rules and Regulations

  1. 1. Bug spray. The scary kind with like 40% DEET.
    2. Headscarf/bandana/many rubber bands and other implements to get your hair off your neck/hide its disheveled appearance. Wait til you see what humidity and salt water will do to your curls.
    3. Pocket flashlight you can carry in your purse because dark in the jungle is dark.
    4. aspirin for hangovers
    5. Your preferred sunburn cure–aloe vera with lidocaine is mine–for when you don’t wear enough sunscreen.
    6. Leave a color copy of your passport with someone at work in case you lose it
    7. Sunglasses
    8. No, you don’t need a sweatshirt. No,you don’t need jeans or any long pants of any sort that are not made of gauze. It is roastingly broilingly unbelievably hot and humid.
    9. a bag you can take to the beach and get dirty
    10. plastic ziplocs to keep shit dry at the beach
    11. a hat to shade your face from the sun
    12. itch cream for all of the bug bites you’re going to get
    13. a post-it note that says: I will not do anything that could possibly lead to my mother having to go on Nancy Grace and describe me as “full of promise”. Keep this on your person at all times and refer to it frequently.

  2. Kate

    The entire fridge is going to be stocked with Cherry Coke Zero when you get back.

  3. Hi! I’ve just started reading your blog recently! I love it.

    I strongly 2nd C_girl’s list items of: #1 and #11!!!
    BUG SPRAY. Like tons of it! And bring calamine or cortizone cream. I went to CR by myself. Got eaten alive while kayaking (at dusk – DON’T GO AT DUSK!) and literally had 30 bites! I looked like I had a skin disease. I had no topical cream for it to cool it. Hotel store had nothing. I had to ice it. Miserable. Had to wear tshirt into pool to relief itching, but didn’t want to scare guests.

    Don’t know where you are going in CR, but also bring some sort of waterproof shoe, or scuba sox (not cute, but will be way more comfortable) or something if you go hiking. Better than walking in wet sox like I did. Not fun.

    Have fun!

    Oh and there are lots of flirty CR boys….. 😉

    • Thanks for all the tips!

      I am a magnet for bugs, so I will be seriously slathering on the deet like it is my damn job. I’m from MN– where mosquitoes are widely considered the state bird, so at least I am well versed in the misery they can cause.

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