Hola Amigos

First and foremost, a huge congratulations to Roommate C and his bride-to-be!  I have yet to see the ring, but from what I’ve been told it possessed the mother of the bride-to-be to curse–  an “oh, dear God” and a “holy shit” –and she is a God fearin’ woman.  They are moving to Birmingham this weekend* and getting hitched next spring at a bourbon distillery in Kentucky, which is very fitting if you know the groom.  I intend to break out my fancy cowboy boots for the occasion.


After a 4 hour taxi ride, 2 flights with screaming babies, customs and the trek home from Dulles, we’ve arrived safety and soundly back in Washington, DC.  Save for the bike crash and missing debit card, the the trip was perfect– great weather, excellent company and a grand adventure or two.


My single goal for going to Costa Rica was to spoon a money and I did just that:

Please don’t mind the fact that I obviously look like straight hell in that picture.  It was difficult to even attempt to look attractive that close to the Equator due to high temperatures, humidity and the every hour on the hour slathering of sunblock.  Every article of clothing we packed whether we wore it or not was damp and covered in sand by the end of the week.


My battle wound– 4 days later.  I assume hopping in the ocean every couple of hours didn’t help:

We did some snorkeling the day after we got there and I managed to fry myself despite slathering my body in SPF 85.  It was a pretty uncomfortable 24 hours, which paired with the bike crash left me hobbling around like an old person.  When my feet started to swell towards the end of the week due to the humidity, I earned the nickname “grandma”.

That’s all I’ve got for today.  I am exhausted from our day of traveling and despite being back in my very own bed– tossed and turned all last night.  Time to get back to work.  I’ve got about 81 unread e-mails that I intend to delete shortly.  Hasta!

*Anyone need a place to live?!


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