A lot of random thoughts


About twice a year in a fit of panic I schedule doctor’s appointments for every conceivable thing I believe is wrong with me and then spend a couple of days 2 months later explaining to doctors:  when I made the appointment, I (insert ailment here) .  This morning I had an appointment with the dermatologist– which I scheduled in the mist of an acne outbreak most likely due to the change in weather and my new found ability to make-out whenever I wanted.  Or as I perceived it, the fact that I will have the skin quality of a kid going through puberty for the rest of my life.

He informed me that 50% of adult women experience some form of mild acne and prescribed me no less than 4  medicated solutions.  Plus 1 for my now moderately infected bike accident wound– which started oozing gross things this morning.  I actually thought was very considerate of my wound to do so when I was conveniently in the dermatologist waiting room.  Let’s hear it for having health insurance!


1.  I ran over a crab on my bike in Costa Rica.  Oddly, it is the second animal I’ve ran over with my bike.  I hit a squirrel dead-on in college.  We both swerved in the same direction and the poor thing got crushed.  Running over a squirrel is both kind of squishy and kind of gross.

2.  I’m a big city biking gal.  I’ve been doing it long enough that I can say with confidence I will not hit your person when I make the decision to bike on the sidewalk– which is trying because pedestrians don’t walk straight.  It’s ridiculous the amount of stumbling around they do.  If I didn’t know better (because it is 8:30AM and they are wearing suits) I’d think everyone was drunk and/or just learning how to walk.

I also love it when pedestrians see me, panic and stop moving.  You’re far easier to hit as a still target, rather than a moving one.  Keep moving, yo!  I swear I’m not going to hit you.  (I’ve only come close once, but my breaks weren’t working properly.  Instead of hitting the nice business woman, I just bailed.)

3.  Conversation with the elderly accountant in my office this morning–

Accountant:  Did you have a nice bike ride in this morning?

Me:  I did.  [How does he know I bike to work?]  Did you see me biking?

Accountant:  Yes.  Why were you biking from NW?  I thought you lived SE.

[I spent the night forcibly making K watch “Grease”.  Which is obviously the best movie in the history of the world.  He did not agree.]

Me:  Um…I stayed at a…friend’s house?  [Smile.  Walk away.]


A very happy birthday to my Costan Rican companion!  I wanted so badly to bring her back a stray beach dog and/or baby monkey for her birthday present, but was afraid I’d get detained and arrested at U.S. Customs.





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2 responses to “A lot of random thoughts

  1. Bree

    I kind of think you being detained at customs is a fair trade for my happiness. Just sayin’.

  2. Laura

    Hmm…you forced K to watch Grease and you forced me to watch The Sound of Music. I see a trend here…

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