I somehow managed to get myself up, showered, dressed, out of the house and on to the train an entire hour early this morning.  When my phone alarm started going off one station away from my house to reveal that it was 7:40AM, not 8:40AM I had an how have I survived in life this long? moment, got off the train and went grocery shopping.


Tonight will be the last official night that Roommate C is a member of our household.  He’s taking off like a prom dress down to his new life in Birmingham, Alabama with his lovely bride-to-be and fancy new job bright and early tomorrow morning.

C– we won’t miss you coming home drunk and undressing in the front entry way, or that ridiculous porch swing, but we’ll surely miss you.

COMMENT OF THE DAY (well, the comment from yesterday)

My male co-worker:  I hate baby showers.  They are supposed to be awesome– a bunch of women showering, but they are not.


During a fit of speed shopping a couple months ago, I very accidentally bought a bunch of underwear at Victoria’s Secret with interesting things written on the rear end.  When K and I first started having sleepovers, I got an “um, pardon?” look when I undressed to reveal a pair that read I get around.  Now I make sure strut the Taken drawers in his presence.

That’s all I’ve got.  Readjusting to 9-5 is tough post-vacation.  I’ve still got my vacation zen though.  Have a good weekend y’all!


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