A day in pictures

While standing in the kitchen Friday afternoon shooting the shit and shoveling Triscuits into our mouths, as we often do during the 4:30 to 5:30  hour of pain that is the last hour of the work week– I asked my coworker K what her plans were for the weekend.

“I’m going to shave my cat.”  Literally.  That is what she did.

Who needs a neighborhood sex shop when you have your neighborhood CVS?  Right here in Washington, DC!  I’m 99.9% this is a vibrator.  For the low low price of $29.99 and located right next to the Trojans.  Good to know.  I almost bought it just to tell people I bought a sex toy at the local drug store.

Also, sagging is so in right now.  My mother is morally outraged by sagging and was always yelling at my brothers to pull up their pants.  Her response to this picture was “I have no words”.  And she almost always has words, so you know she was appalled.  I had to resist all urges to serenade this kid in the H & M fitting room with the musical stylings of 2 Live Crew Dance!  Too much booty in the pants!


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