Costa Rica!

This is going to be annoying!  I finally found my camera cord and discovered that I took about 100 pictures in Costa Rica– mainly of stray dogs, monkeys, water and my multiple injuries whether they be bike or sunburn related.  For your viewing pleasure–

This is the dog I wanted to take home with me.  She loved me very much.  And loved that I had a purse full of crackers.

This is the second dog we tried to steal– what we thought to be an easier endeavor than the lab because he was so small.  Turns out he wasn’t a stray beach dog, but someone’s actual pet.  She wanted him back.

This is another picture of me snuggling a monkey.  We also considered stealing one of these.

A monkey in the wild– you cannot in fact catch them and spoon them in the wild.

An animal I thought was very cute until I was told it was a raccoon.  Then it was no longer cute.  Raccoons are the grossest thing on the planet.  I almost got eaten by a raccoon once.

And they are mean!  He is trying to eat the sloth!  (I know they are just playing…but seriously, raccoons are gross).

The cutest animal in the whole entire world.  We weren’t supposed to touch them, but pet the baby sloth quickly when the people weren’t looking.  I didn’t go alllll the way to Costa Rica to not touch a sloth.

That tiny little black spot is me having the tiniest of meltdowns due to my bike accident— as I was scrubbing it off in salt water.

This is the dumbest sunburn I’ve ever gotten.

And this is paradise.  Also why my pictures are so crap.  I was too busy staring at this view for a week to be a more successful photographer.


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