Odds and Ends

I’m doing pretty good at being a human being lately– which makes blog material hard to come by.  I’m not falling on my face or flashing my superiors or drunk dialing my mother.

These things have happened:

-We found a dead baby bird in my gigantic basil plants, which is both sad and gross.  The plants have since been disposed of and I spent a brief moment mourning both my future pesto and the life of the baby bird.  Even mother nature doesn’t want the frat house to be classy.  That’s so fucked up, mother nature.

-We found a new roommate!  Roommate R, welcome.  I  hope you are comfortable with my airing your dirty laundry to the internets.

-Your father, don’t go anywhere without him!  I’ve taken to inviting my father everywhere I go– both because he gets such a kick out of it and because I’m at an age that having your father chaperone is no longer sooo lame, dude but funny.

Saturday we went BBQ hoppin’ and last night he attended my friend Matty’s birthday at a gay club in DuPont.  I really think it is every girls dream to hang out with her straight father and boyfriend in a gay bar one day.  Check!

-My reproductive organs are not going to fall out!  I had my appointment yesterday (thus the absence) and the doc said everything looks fine.  Of course I started crying the second I entered the exam room and didn’t stop until I had exited the doctor’s office, walked down Connecticut Avenue, ordered a latte at Caribou Coffee and shopped the sale section of Feline’s Basement.

Not my finest moment, but turns out that is my new coping mechanism as a non-smoker.  Every moment of anxiety or stress that I used to remedy with a delicious Parliment Light, I now just cry it out.  Hopefully in public!  I decided taking a sick day and laying in bed for the remainder of the afternoon was much justified and did just that.

-Also, happy birthday to Roommate A!  I look forward to eating pizza with lots of garlic butter dipping sauce with you soon.

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