A mouse ate my M&Ms!

The frat house has had a mouse issue on and off since I moved in.  It’s worse during the spring and summer, as opposed to the little mice moving in mid-November to stay warm, which I find amusing.  Even mice don’t like the DC heat!

These mice have evolved into smart little suckers.  They sneak the food out of the trap without actually get  snapped up and they are very bold– blatantly hauling ass across the living room when we’re all watching TV.  I long ago convinced myself that I was safe in my bedroom due to the fact that I sleep soundly on the second floor and everyone knows mice can’t climb stairs!  (Yes, I know they go through the walls, but I’m coping here).  But I was wrong.

As I was getting dressed for the gym Monday, one of the little buggers poked his head out of my closet.  I hollered at it, stomped down the stairs to get Roommate A and spent 5 whole minutes poking the shoes haphazardly shoved in my closet with lacrosse stick.  I then spent 10 whole minutes concerned that he had taken up residency in one of my Frye boots, tossed some moth balls in the closet and went to pilates.

This morning I noticed a dusting of what looked like blue and orange confetti on the floor in the corner.  I had swept up a similar mess of Friday– I was confused as to what it was, but not overly concerned until the same mess was back. Leaning over to investigate, I pushed closed my closet door to get a closer look and more of the confetti looking stuff fell to the floor.  I started sifting through my purses hanging on the door knob and made my very traumatizing discovery.

One of the mice (because where there is 1, there are many more) found a rogue bag of M&Ms in my favorite pink purse and eaten every last one and half the wrapper.  The “confetti” was the outer shell of the M&Ms.  Turns out mice don’t like that.  Just the chocolate center.  I momentarily freaked out before sweeping up the mess before work.  Gross and strange for the following reasons: (1) The mice was in my purse.  And I love that purse.  Disgusting.  And (2)  Who leaves bags of M&Ms in their purse?  I need to rethink some things.


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