Weekend Round-Up


I had a job interview today– the first in a while, as I decided to give myself a much needed break from job hunting the past month or so.  It seemed to go as well as you can expect, but I’m trying hard to maintain zen-like feelings.  The more I stressed about job hunting and cover letters and interviewing in the past, the more horrible of an experience it became.  I posted a couple months back about dumb questions I’ve been asked in interviews– as well as dumb answers I’ve provided.

This afternoon one of the department heads interviewing me asked what people in my current company would say about me.  In my head I was thinking sassy, sassy, sassy but finally managed to belt out “I show up on time!” and then sat back and smiled as big as I could.

It is noted on my resume that I played rugby in college.  While it may give the impression to the person interviewing me that I can chug beer like a champ– I also like to believe that it shows I am a team player and have leadership skills, as I was El Presidente (my preferred nickname) of the team my senior year.  It also means I get to say “hooker” in job interviews.

“What position did you play in rugby?”

“Ah, I was a hooker.  Sir”.  It is more fun when people know nothing about the sport and honestly think I”m talking about prostitution.


The inaugural weekend of gun shot or firework? 2011 edition commenced Friday night.  The entire month of July in Southeast DC sounds like a full blown TNT testing area.  Rouge fireworks displays are frequent, which is perfectly acceptable during the 4th of July weekend.  When you have to put grandma on hold mid-July to assess whether you should hit the deck or enjoy the fireworks display following popping noises, it gets a little more obnoxious.

In true American spirit– I drank some beer, got as close to the Mall as my moderate claustrophobia would allow, ate some hot dogs and enjoyed some American flag cake.  I even wore red, white and blue.


The highlight of my weekend (both for WTF?! and stress-related purposes) was the hour I spent searching for my father’s missing tortoise.  My dad is the proud owner of 4 such creatures that enjoy sunning themselves in the backyard on occasion.  Little Chiam slipped away from my father’s watchful gaze late Saturday morning and decided to go on a little walk-about.  My dad called me after looking for an hour, panicked because he had to leave for work.  K and I hauled it to NW to continue the hunt.

We spent an hour searching the ally and talking with neighbors for clues.  I felt very much like Nancy Drew– he was last seen in this backyard at noon!   The neighbor’s grandchild wanted to keep him!  If I was a tortoise, where would I go?  I bet a tortoise would find this particular vegetation delicious.  He was last seen with his house on his back wearing green!  It is very hard to look for something that is designed to camouflage.  After an hour of searching through gardens, creeping out neighbors and praying he knew well enough to stay away from cars, we gave up and went for bloody marys.

Luckily, my dad found Chiam later that night hiding under a trash can a couple houses up.  He had weathered the wicked storm and 12 hours of freedom.  I think he was happy to return home.  K scored points– as how many dudes can say they had to spend an afternoon looking for their girlfriend’s father’s tortoise.  And still wanted to date said girl.  I assume not many.

I hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July weekend.  Keep you  posted on the job interview and my blood pressure.  It has nowhere to go but up if the neighborhood kids don’t run out of fireworks soon.



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