My plans for last Friday were pretty much every high school student’s worst nightmare– I stayed home, did laundry and hung out with my father.  Also like any run of the mill high school student, 2 glasses of wine got me drunk and I was in bed passed out by 11PM.  I am the coolest kid on the block.

That wouldn’t be so bad if it was a one time occurrence, but up until 8 minutes ago, that was my plan for this Friday night as well.  I have left overs and more wine to drink and super trashy TV to catch up on and clothes that need washing.  A family friend called this afternoon to offer me tickets to the Kennedy Center tonight and I accepted, thus canceling my plans of being a loser.  But I’m bringing my dad as my date.  The high school version of me would be so ashamed– hanging out with your parents is just so lame, yo.  Especially on a Friday!

Still no word on the job, but I didn’t expect to hear anything this week.  On the very bright side, now that I have my very own man-friend, my rejection is limited to professional.  And professional rejection is for some reason easier to stomach than “it’s not you, it’s me” rejection– the economy sucks and there are many over qualified applicants and my college was in no way Ivy League.  And I say hooker in job interviews.  So there is that.

Hope your weekend plans are super excellent.  I’ll be very busy celebrating the day of my very wonderful friend T Bone’s birth by wearing cowboy boots and getting drunk.  Peace out, y’all.



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