A Potential Promotion

The executive assistant for my company quit today, therefore the position is on the table– a position that would be a promotion and one I swore to high heaven I would never accept.  But now I am starting to rethink that solid “no”.

I never in a thousand million years thought any good would come of working here, but now can name a few things.  I’ve made a couple of great friends and had some interesting life experiences.  It was because of my extreme boredom during the slow holiday season that I started writing this blog. It was because of one of those work friendships I met K.   As a result of my intense hate turning to tolerance and then onto acceptance, I don’t mind showing up to work every day.  I can for once see the benefits of working at this place.

The many things that I do despise about my current job description would be no longer if I took the new position– while I’d still essentially be an administrator, I would not be the administrator in charge of making sure each of my co-workers preferred pen is stocked in the backroom or that there is enough soda in the fridge.  And largely the job description of the executive assistant job is the same of any other job I’ve been applying for.

While a new job would be a fresh start, a new scene and learning experience– it could also be a complete and total fucking disaster.  In this instance, I know the company, my co-workers, who we work with on a daily basis.  I know who to avoid when they’re stressed out and that someone will cover me if I show up 2 hours late due to a doctors appointment, or two hours late due to a “doctors appointment”.  It is essentially a better the devil you know type of situation.

In my attempt to avoid another situation in which I am sobbing in a doctor’s office— or in this case– my own office, I am trying to deal with this potential change/conversation/situation pro-actively.  I am thinking about it, what terms I would need to commit to this new position, what expectations I have and what questions can be answered before I move from the front of my office to the back.

I’ve sat and pondered and made pro/con lists and solicited advice and had mild anxiety attacks for the duration of the weekend.  But this is mostly out of my hands at this point.  I don’t even know if they want me yet.  Or if I 100% want them.  Standby.


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