The girl in the red dress

My mom and I were sorting through old pictures when I was home this weekend and found some excellent proof that I was an adorable, yet awkward child.

I had one minor attempt at dance class as a kid and it is quite obviously it didn’t work out.  I of course blame my lack of ballet career on the fact that I wasn’t prepared.  I was wearing sneakers for cryin’ out loud.  My mother of course blames me.

Me:  I can’t believe you didn’t buy me a tutu.

Mom:  Well, I bet you didn’t tell me you needed one.

Me:  I was like three years old!

What the hell, mom?  I could have been the next great American ballet star.  And we’ll never know– all because I didn’t have the proper outfit.



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2 responses to “The girl in the red dress

  1. Dude. I bagged tap for the same reason. Showed up in a leotard, but all the other girls had taps on the their shoes. I was wearing my normal saddle shoes. Even at three, girls know how to be dismissive. And that’s why ballerinas are bitchy. Self-selection.

  2. I used to work in a montessori school and it always amazed me how the mean girl pecking order thing started so young.

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