What you get for living in a frat house

The boys are having a fantasy football draft tomorrow afternoon at our house– which if it is anything like watching them watch football, will involve a lot of beer drinking and heckling and yelling.  I plan to vacate the house after a watching in amusement for a couple of minutes.  If you put those particular boys + beer + football and make it a competition, they become a bunch of lunatics.

There was some joking that I should dress up like Vana White and host the event, but the lovely Fish considered taking it one step further.  We had the following conversation:

Fish: You gonna be home on saturday?
me: To witness the madness taking place?  I am going to dress up as Vana White.
Fish: Well, that’s the thing.  I was thinking of hiring entertainment to serve drinks and put names on the board.
me: Haha, are you serious?
Fish:  I am. 
me [obviously confused]: You want me to cocktail waitress and write shit on a white board?
Fish: Not what I had in mind per se.  I was thinking more like ladies without tops on…that you find on Craig’s List.
Fish:  You see what I am getting at?
me: You want to hire other woman to cocktail waitress and was seeing if I was comfortable with half naked strangers in my house.
Fish: Correct.
Me: Interesting.  Um, yeah sure if you want.
Fish: I mean they would be strippers.
Me:  You know what– that sounds so absolutely ridiculous that yes, I give you my blessing.


Turns out they were too expensive.  Fish checked.  But the fact that this is my real life is amusing indeed.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  We are missing Brynn already here at the office.  I’m proud of myself– I’ve only sent her one WTF?! e-mail so far.  Word to your mothers.

*Please note the G Chat conversation has been edited for content and grammar.  Fish does not G Chat that grammatically correct, but we love him anyways.




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3 responses to “What you get for living in a frat house

  1. Fish

    175 an hour was too much for my liking.

    Forget that noise

  2. $175/HR? I chose the wrong profession.

  3. dmac

    Fish can barely read or write.

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