Weekend Update


There were so many boys in my house Saturday afternoon, I should have sold tickets to single girls everywhere.  They drank roughly 4 cases of beer and when I woke Sunday morning, every single one of those now empty beer cans was still in my house.    The photographic proof that they had tons of fun:



K and I were out on the town Friday night like a normal couple without completely opposite schedules enjoying each others company and a cocktail or two, when who walked by but my OB/GYN’s medical assistant.  That is twice in 1 month I’ve seen her in public and I’m not sure if I should make us Facebook friends, therefore solidifying her (and my vagina) as my BFF forever, or get a new doctor.  The jury is out.


My friend Elisa and I were hanging out at K’s bar last night while he was slinging drinks.  I ordered a salad to accompany my Blue Moon and K raised an eyebrow.

“Vegetables?  I’m very proud of you.”

“Well, I already had a big mac and large fries today– trying to counter that.  But I haven’t had a single piece of salami!”

Elisa pipped in, “I hate salami.”  I gasped in pure horror, suddenly questioning our friendship.

“I had this swim instructor as a kid who had HORRIBLE salami breath and he was trying to help me swim and all the parents were watching and I couldn’t breathe because his breath smelt so horribly like salami and everyone thought I was a bad swimmer and it was so embarrassing.  So I don’t eat salami.”

Fair, Elisa.  That’s fair.  And she’s Italian, so you know that salami breath had to be real bad.  The poor girl.


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