The electronic age!

Post-promotion I was awarded a Blackberry completely against my will.  I have no interest in being that connected to the world or knowing that my boss knows that I am receiving his e-mails even if it 9PM on a Tuesday.

Many people at my office opt to use their work phone for personal usage  but I decided to keep my personal cell– not to be one of those jackasses that think they are super important frantically texting and e-mailing and calling on two different devises but for plausible deny-ability.

No one will believe I frolicked around the city without a cell phone, Blackberry or any electronic ability to communicate with people all day.  But I hope they’ll believe that I accidentally forgot my Blackberry at home when I don’t answer e-mails on a Sunday afternoon because I accidentally got day-drunk.  See my logic?

I am also totally freaked out because as of now for both professional and personal use I am supposed to keep track of:  a Blackberry, a cell phone, an iPod, an iPad (so I’ll have access to my CEO’s schedule at ever moment of every day!), a personal lap top, a desk top and a Nook.  That is 7 different electronics that I now possess.  God, that is so many.  I must go buy a new purse!


Roommate B was super hungover Saturday.  I had lovingly made quiche for the roommates the night before (manly quiche with lots of meat in it) and told Ben I’d bring him some to his bed.  You” auto-corrected to “young” thus–  I will bring young quiche.  Ben responded:  I hate middle-age quiche!  We were both very confused.

My all time favorite auto-correct is about my cousin’s kid.  Half the pictures tagged on Facebook of baby “Mylo” moments after he entered this world auto-corrected to baby “Nylon”.  Baby Nylon, you’ll have a long and successful life I’m sure.


Also– Baby Rachel is gangsta about oral hygiene.  Just sayin’.



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2 responses to “The electronic age!

  1. They tried to give me a crackberry when they promoted me, I “neglected” to pick it up from IT and no one’s ever said a thing. My boss’s boss lives off one, but I figure until they force him to carry one I’m off the hook.

  2. I would never get away with that in my tiny office– but applaud you, Foggy Dew. It keeps ringing and I first don’t realize it is my phone that is ringing and then I can’t figure out why it is ringing. I’m getting better though!

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