[insert relationship cliché here]

It’s not you, it’s me.
We’ve just drifted apart.
We’re at different places in our lives.
Let’s just be friends. 
I don’t want to be in a relationship right now.
I’ve got to work on myself.
I’ve got to focus on my career. 
You want more than I’m prepared to give. 
You’re going to make someone really happy someday. 
I need my space.

Whatever the reason– it still mother fucking sucks.  K and I broke up.



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4 responses to “[insert relationship cliché here]

  1. I’m sorry.

    And the worst one I ever heard was from a friend who told a girl she was “GU. Geographically Undesirable.” Because he had to drive too far to her house.

    Back to you: His loss.

    • I would say that in regards to someone who lived in Bethesda, I’m pretty sure, but I also don’t have a car and live clear on the other side of town.

      I think we both lost to be fair. That is the thing that sucks about break-ups. Thank you. I’m sorry too.

  2. BGM

    Geographically Undesirable? Must mean she was from somewhere out of the way in NYC. That exists in Chicago too.

    RSG don’t get too down about. Anything ending sucks. For some reason our body and brain makes us feel that way, even when we know it shouldn’t. Just take all the positives you can and let go all the negatives. It can be maddeningly difficult, but what other choice do we have? You know I am here if you need me

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